Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Productivity Tip: Be Lazy Every Now and Then!

Since the inception of this blog, I have been a huge advocate of productivity. I make it a huge point of emphasis to get up and get something done! And this goes not just for all you loyal readers, but mainly for myself. Even though I usually don't want to, in the end it feels good to get off my lazy rear end and accomplish something: read a book, plan out my monthly budget, bust out my sneakers and do a little bit of HIIT training at the gym, catch up on some Islamic knowledge, post something on PhilAsify 101 ;).

But there are those certain days when you just gotta chill. When you make that two day weekend a THREE day weekend. Take a day off from work and relaaaaaax. Yes, my productive friends, it's good to have those days where you're just absolutely UNproductive. Where you just break from the norm of keeping that consistent exercise regimen, or writing, planning etc. Go grab that epic cheeseburger you've been avoiding! Go waste a few hours mashing buttons on Xbox Live or PSN, blow half a day on Netflix catching up on some movies you haven't watched or a TV show you havent latched onto. Nap just for the sake of napping! I assure you it's a refreshing change and a juicy reward for someone who makes it a priority to avoid these very same things so one can get things done! This is the day that you get to BE LAZY and ENJOY IT!

Now before you start tossing sticks of dynamite on top of all your plans for the week, hold your horses cause I need to clarify myself. I'm definitely not advocating you making this a habit. Downtime days should only take place once in a blue moon. I say that you pack about 6-8 of these days in your backpocket a YEAR! Also, don't get it twisted. These days do not correlate with weekend days. If you work weekdays and you have the weekend off, whether or not you get some chill time, it doesn't count as a "downtime" day. These downtime days are supposed to break the routine. A weekend is still a routine. Your downtime day should preferably be a weekday. If you start acting like a high school student during summer break, I suggest you cut your downtime day short.

And furthermore, this downtime day is essentially supposed to be a tool in disguise, for your personal development. Yeah you're chilling, yeah you don't have a care in the world during said days,BUT, the next day and subsequent days thereafter you get back on your grind, recharged, refreshed and ready to take on the world! These days are supposed to prevent burnout and turning you into a zombie (or walker/geek for you "Walking Dead fans) thats just going through the motions and doing the same ol', same ol'. Once you've buzzsaw through a day where your PS3 overheated with the Yellow Light of Death, your instant queue has been depleted and you're all napped out, you should be salivating for productivity! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

So go ahead guys, throw some lazy days onto your shelf and use them when you feel the need to unplug. This has been, your favorite PhilAsifer (sorry Aristotle, it aint you) .

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