Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trying Not To Be a Stranger (PhilAsify Update!)

Hey gang, taking a quick break from daddy-ing to update you folks. You guys deserve that at least, right? I'm still alive and well and have been spending my leisure time getting acquainted with little Abdul-Malik via being vomited on, wiping his butt and sticking a bottle in his mouth. 

Though I haven't been able to post anything new on PhilAsify, I still have been active (when the baby allows it). I recently became a contributor on an awesome blog that I have mentioned here before, Islamic Learning Materials. 

I submitted an article entitled "How To Be A Walking Qur'an" and it is a fascinating read if I do say so myself. Be sure to check it out on Islamic Learning Materials and share with your friends!

InshaAllah I will be getting back on posting with regularity on PhilAsify very soon so keep an I out. Well I hear some crying in the background so I better get back to work! Til next time dudes and dudettes!