Friday, March 2, 2012

Goodbye Fifth Amendment, Hello Indefinite Detention!

Note: The following was a article I wrote a while back for a job interview that required me to write an article while being timed. I had to pick from a selection of writing prompts which were titles of news headlines. Out of the list I chose the above title and while I did not get the job, I thought this was pretty darn good. Probably so good that it hurt my chances to work with these folks, who knows? Without further ado...

Remember the good ol’ days when people were innocent until proven guilty? When a citizen of this great country was given certain inalienable rights that could not be taken away without going through the process of having their story heard by a jury of his peers in a fair and just manner? Well it looks like these kooky concepts will be a thing of the past, brought up only when we gather around our grandchildren to dazzle them with ancient rubbish.

It has been reported that the majority of Congress is putting the finishing touches on an amendment that will pretty much kill off some vital American rights under our Constitution. One of the provisions discussed are as follows:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Twilight, Harry Potter and other "literature" I will never read.

Sometimes being the odd man out isn't such a bad thing. Over the years, we all have seen our fair share of trends. Whether it be in fashion, music or the ever-changing electronic world, people jump onto a bandwagon and are in disbelief when they meet or speak to someone that hasn't been in the loop. Taking it a step further, those type of people act as if they are looking at an enigma when you respond back that you think a certain trend is whack and you don't wanna bother indulging in it. The literary world is no different.