Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Speak Good or Keep Silent

Just had to share this unreleased single by Abdul-Malik Ahmad from Native Deen (it's not finalized but was posted for Native Deen fans to give feedback) that I've been jamming repeatedly since I stumbled upon it a week or so ago. It's hot! Abdul-Malik hits hard with his lyrics with this great reminder to all, Muslims or not, to watch your mouth and not backbite people.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Re-Elected, Same As It Ever Was

The Election 2012 bombardment is thankfully over and Barack Hussein Obama retains the title of President of the United States. No thanks to me, anyway. Yeah, that's right, I didn't vote. Not because I didn't want to (eh...maybe) but mainly because of a technicality where my precinct I had to vote at was way too far for me to reach and would've been a hassle getting off work and heading over there.

I wasn't as enthused about this election as I was in 2008 when I first voted. For one, I don't think there will be any monumental change. There unfortunately was just a lot of apathy involved because politics is basically making a bunch of promises to the people and then failing to live up to them. Plus, there's the conundrum of trying to please everyone which in the end just pisses a lot of people off.

Yup, the presidency is not an easy job by any means. I know I wouldn't have the stomach to do it. However, Obama seems to be handling it better than most so I'm glad he's given four more years, especially if Bush got four more years after pissing off everybody and their mama.

I have a few gripes with elections and just the system in generally that turns me off to voting. I have heard good points from both sides of the spectrum, those who say you shouldn't vote if you're not informed enough or feel strongly about it and others who say it's your duty to vote and be involved and such. Both sides make valid arguments. Unfortunately, when a system is flawed to begin with, it's very discouraging. Here are a few of my gripes:

-The Electoral College. This needs to go. I can't believe this has stuck around for so long when it's just the lamest, most convoluted  unnecessary system of getting a person elected. Popular   vote should be all that matters. I'm tired of little rural towns with 50 people living there are what truly decides who wins the presidency.
-Third parties never being given a fair shot. You got the crips (blue democrats) and the bloods (red republicans). That's it. Why not the Latin Kings? We need a third party that stands a chance. I hate voting off of labels and tickets. If you think you can do a better job and have a good strategy in place, why the hell should I care whether you rep the blue or red. I just hate that it's still a big deal.
-The Precinct Situation. Yeah I get that this is mostly to capture demographics and information of a certain area but I think it's lame that just because of where your address is you have to vote at this Washateria, Library or this Elementary School. Why can't I vote wherever I want? If there's a polling place right nearby, why do I have to go to a different one to vote and ONLY that one? It's idiotic.

These flaws above need to be addressed, among others. What I always notice when looking at results online or on TV is that the numbers are usually small, or not as big as they should be, it doesn't reflect the population because a good chunk of people aren't voting at all. It could be because of these issues. It could be because of attack ads, the bombardment of phone calls and solicitations when no real monumental change or impact happens when all is said and done. 

Yes, I'm glad there are those who exercise their right to vote and get involved in politics and it definitely is important to be informed but a lot of the time it's that perception that those who we elect are just sitting there chillin', goofing off and playing games then putting a serious face on when there's a microphone in their face and the camera is rolling. Behind closed doors, they don't really get in there and get to work on facilitating change and catering to the people they represent, the people who voted them in! Politics is a turn-off for a lot of people, including myself because the deceit, corruption, dishonesty and greed involved. 

I hope inshaAllah (God willing), there will come a time when these situations are addressed and the focus can be on truly helping make the world a better place to live and not just being elected into an office for recognition and helping one's own interest rather than of the population.