Thursday, January 16, 2014

PhilAsify101 Year in Review and Looking Ahead

I know guys, I know! Don't ya'll have movies to go make?
Hey gang, it's your friendly neighborhood PhilAsifer again checking in (late, as usual) with the first post of the new year. In between work and being a daddy, I haven't had an ample amount of time to sit myself down and come up with some creative posts. It's really left a void in me because just a year ago I was rolling with content on a consistent basis.

2013 was quite a ride. It will mostly be remembered as the year that I made the final leap into adulthood by being a father, accompanied by gray hairs, aching joints and a receding hairline (yippee!)

After coming home from a 9 hour grind, there's little time to devote to the writing room when theres more important things to deal with like giving my wife a break from spending all day with sonny boy. I love spending my nights with the little dude but at the same time I do miss that free time to buckle down and move my fingers--which more often than not wasn't devoted to writing/typing but rather wasting hours on the Playstation. I've recognized the dire need in striking the right balance between doing dad stuff and getting back into a productive writing groove.

And that's one of my main goals for 2014. Others include:

  • Getting back in pick-up basketball game shape. (That's about 30 pounds from now.)
  • Hitting the weights again. (I don't know how my aching wrists feel about that :s)
  • Start and FINISH a screenplay (Finally!)  
  • Buy a new car (for the wifey)
  • Get back on the deen more by reading and memorizing more Qur'an, reading more in general.
  • Kill some debts so I can get me a PS4! (Uh...for my son)
  • Continue churning out some exciting new blog posts for PhilAsify101!

What are your goals for this year?