Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Workin' on it.

Still on the heels of week 1 of my blog initiative and your boy is still struggling with consistency. My wife told me a tip for first time bloggers is to have 50 blog posts written within the first month of your blog as a goal to have consistency since that in consequence would attract readers to your blog knowing that its being updated on the regular. Well, I don't know how realistic of a goal that is for me with my work schedule and home study schedule (which I will elaborate upon in a future blog post, InshaAllah).

In my inaugural post earlier this week, I wrote that I proclaim myself as "The Writer Who Doesn't Write". As shameful of a title that is, I can also declare myself as the "Reader Who Doesn't Read". Explanation? It's coming. Now I do read in the literal sense, I read box score and news items, I read editorials and news bits on pro wrestling, I read threads on internet forums and also random news items on the ever popular Yahoo! Frontpage (If you can call the majority of what they put on there "news". It's really the most enjoyable waste of time in the day). However, I haven't disciplined myself to read creative literature often enough, be it a short story (something I feel I am very good at) or novels and such. And it's not that I don't enjoy it. Again, I'm just the personification of lazy at this point in time so investing in a good story is something I have been avoiding.
Currently being in the middle of a writing slump, it's stupid for me not to read creatively when I know that all it does is get my creative juices flowing to write myself. My wife has been recovering from her addiction of reading "The Hunger Games" and has finished the trilogy in the span of a few weeks and has been egging me on to start reading it. With reading a book is as easy as downloading it onto your phone and swiping your finger a few hundred times, it shouldn't really be a big deal to just get on with it.

Solution: I have designated a day for what I call "Reading Enrichment". To make it a more attainable goal, I made it 1 hour on a saturday to just sit my behind down and open a book, whatever it be, in hopes that I get hooked on it and read more of it throughout the week.

So gang, PhilAsify of the day is, don't be like Asif. Be less lazy!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ah, Wrestlefest, we meet again.

Here's a tidbit that some would consider miscellaneous but I find it quite noteworthy so I have to make a mention of it. One of the greatest coin-operated games of all time, WWF/WWE Wrestlefest, is now coming to a smartphone near you!

Now one thing that you will find out about me through this blog really quick is that I'm a mega wrestling fan, always have been and always will be, even if the product is absolutely piss-poor at this point in time. I've been a fan of the WWE (then WWF) ever since my Dad sat me down at the age of three on Saturday nights to watch WWF Superstars. It was there that my love for the artform that is professional wrestling became permenantly engrained into my soul. I stayed a loyal fan and defended it at every opportunity, especially against my older sister who absolutely hated wrestling and would never hesistate to rub in my face that it was fake (like that would deter me from watching it). I grew up on the likes of the Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and the Million Dollar Man and WWF Wrestlefest embodies all that was great in Professional Wrestling in those years.

The Feel Out Process

So my blog is official. My feelings as of right now are mixed with nervousness and excitement. For a guy that's had a long sabbatical away from creative writing, I am a bit worried when it comes to content. That's nothing that a brainstorming session won't fix but I still want to be able to be the kind of writer that stays consistent. 

When it comes to writing project, starting is the hardest part for me. Once I do get over the hump, I usually am able to get the ball rolling with engaging writing on a regular basis. But that initial window is just hell, because I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to posts and am very self-critical. I would re-read paragraphs and sentences and if they don't have the correct amount of wit, or the right verbiage and tone, I would be staying on the delete key longer than a pedophile that's going to be having his laptop scanned for porn. I mean, it friggin took me two hours to write my initial blog last night!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Introduction to PhilAsify (About Me)

In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

Whether you have stumbled upon this page by some bizarre accident, or I myself begged you to click this link, I would like to humbly welcome you to PhilAsify 101! I know the first peculiarity you might have noticed is the title of this blog and the odd way that I chose to have it spelled. When I first planned to create a blog for myself, I thought it would be clever to put my name somewhere in the title as a pun while at the same time making it relevant to the overall theme by taking a well-known subject of human knowledge and discussion (Philosophy) and put my own individual stamp on it. Frankly, and I'm sure you're thinking this, it may just be a pathetic attempt at being vain. Regardless, I thought it was cool and I'm sticking with it for the time being (But I do at least deserve some credit in the creativity realm when you take into account how difficult it is to make my name rhyme or sync with any word in the English language.)

Anyhoo, before I outline the objective of this blog, I would like to touch a little bit about myself. As you may have already figured out, my name is Asif. I'm a first-generation Muslim American of Pakistani descent. My parents emigrated to America with the hopes and dreams of having their future children place their mark in the land of opportunity. A cliche story I know, but admirable nevertheless. I, along with my 4 siblings, were born and raised in Houston, Texas, a city known for its ethnic diversity. We were all brought up in the American public school system (dun dun dun!) where we had to deal with issues of fitting in and balancing our culture and faith while mixing with the society we lived in. Because of financial difficulties, we had to move a lot in my childhood which resulted in my experience with many different type of communities ranging from suburban middle to upper class all the way to the urban ghetto areas of Houston. Despite the influences and pressures of being a part of the US Public school system, I did manage to maintain good grades and conduct and took my education seriously.

In 2010, I graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a BA in Communications and a minor in creative writing. I have also developed a media/video production background with a focus in pre-production (screenwriting). At a young age, I always loved to tell stories and entertain people of all ages, be it my younger brothers, my friends or adults so it was only natural that my calling in life was to be a writer. Unfortunately for me, a combination of laziness and lack of focus caused me to slip away from my writing, leaving behind what I have been told by college professors and the like, "untapped literary potential". In my time withdrawn from my craft, I have proclaimed myself as "Asif - the writer who doesn't write".

So this blog is an honest and somewhat desperate attempt to snap out of my productivity hibernation and do like Hollywood screenwriter and instructor Dov Simens has popularly said in his screenwriting course, "Move your fingers!". Most of the content on this blog is just going to be my thoughts at the time on various subjects, so there will be something for everyone here. Being a Muslim that strives to uphold his faith to the best of his ability, some blogs would cover Islamic topics but are not limited to that because I will give my own personal commentaries and insight on everything from productivity, politics, the media industry, sports, and just thoughts on life in general coming from a young Muslim American trying to live and stay sane in this crazy world.

Whether this blog reaches millions with the help of Allah Almighty or a handful, my first intention of PhilAsify 101 is to use the craft that I believe God blessed me with, to write. These postings essentially are to make sure that I don't stop doing what I love and that is to write to both entertain and enlighten. If I am able to do that and gather a following because of it, it'll be a bonus. So please sit back and enjoy the ride as I hit you with some of my PhilAsify in the coming days, weeks, months and years, InshaAllah (God willing).

Til next time,
Take care.