Monday, February 27, 2012

The Feel Out Process

So my blog is official. My feelings as of right now are mixed with nervousness and excitement. For a guy that's had a long sabbatical away from creative writing, I am a bit worried when it comes to content. That's nothing that a brainstorming session won't fix but I still want to be able to be the kind of writer that stays consistent. 

When it comes to writing project, starting is the hardest part for me. Once I do get over the hump, I usually am able to get the ball rolling with engaging writing on a regular basis. But that initial window is just hell, because I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to posts and am very self-critical. I would re-read paragraphs and sentences and if they don't have the correct amount of wit, or the right verbiage and tone, I would be staying on the delete key longer than a pedophile that's going to be having his laptop scanned for porn. I mean, it friggin took me two hours to write my initial blog last night!

And even before then, I wanted my design layout for this blog to be molded to perfection when my wife was telling me the best advice "Just write!". Speaking of my layout, I have modeled (ie stolen) the motif of a popular blog that I enjoyed reading, Mujahideen Ryder. I began following Mujahideen Ryder intensely during the tail end of his blog in 2009, which I feel is a shame because I did thoroughly enjoy his commentary on different topics. His blog spoke to me because he pretty much paralleled my life in the US. I can only hope this blog is half as good as his. 

Another big influence for PhilAsify 101 is Saad Ahmed's blog Chill Yo Islam Yo. This blog is hip and perfect for Muslim Youth living in America and truly does embody it's slogan "Real Halal Talk": I enjoy his postings and I hope to deliver the same sort of articles and ramblings that make his blog stand out. 

Other influences for this blog are ProductiveMuslim.comand My blog here hopes to be a mixture of all of these blogs that I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years with a little bit of unique Asifology mixed in. 

Now all I gotta do is get my butt into gear and make it happen. Stay tuned folks and let's see if your boy here is going to sink or swim in the blogosphere!

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