Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Workin' on it.

Still on the heels of week 1 of my blog initiative and your boy is still struggling with consistency. My wife told me a tip for first time bloggers is to have 50 blog posts written within the first month of your blog as a goal to have consistency since that in consequence would attract readers to your blog knowing that its being updated on the regular. Well, I don't know how realistic of a goal that is for me with my work schedule and home study schedule (which I will elaborate upon in a future blog post, InshaAllah).

In my inaugural post earlier this week, I wrote that I proclaim myself as "The Writer Who Doesn't Write". As shameful of a title that is, I can also declare myself as the "Reader Who Doesn't Read". Explanation? It's coming. Now I do read in the literal sense, I read box score and news items, I read editorials and news bits on pro wrestling, I read threads on internet forums and also random news items on the ever popular Yahoo! Frontpage (If you can call the majority of what they put on there "news". It's really the most enjoyable waste of time in the day). However, I haven't disciplined myself to read creative literature often enough, be it a short story (something I feel I am very good at) or novels and such. And it's not that I don't enjoy it. Again, I'm just the personification of lazy at this point in time so investing in a good story is something I have been avoiding.
Currently being in the middle of a writing slump, it's stupid for me not to read creatively when I know that all it does is get my creative juices flowing to write myself. My wife has been recovering from her addiction of reading "The Hunger Games" and has finished the trilogy in the span of a few weeks and has been egging me on to start reading it. With reading a book is as easy as downloading it onto your phone and swiping your finger a few hundred times, it shouldn't really be a big deal to just get on with it.

Solution: I have designated a day for what I call "Reading Enrichment". To make it a more attainable goal, I made it 1 hour on a saturday to just sit my behind down and open a book, whatever it be, in hopes that I get hooked on it and read more of it throughout the week.

So gang, PhilAsify of the day is, don't be like Asif. Be less lazy!

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