Thursday, May 9, 2013

Osombie? Seriously?

I love Netflix. Sure it doesn't have the latest movie releases (that's what Redbox is for) but I save a ton of money not having to pay a cable bill. I've had a blast "binge-viewing" shows that I've finally gotten around to like Lost and Breaking Bad--watching entire seasons in mere days (if not in one sitting). I squeal with glee from the occasional hidden gems which pop up when I do a random search (Coming to America, Beverley Hills Cop and other Eddie Murphy pre-disney bastardization laugh riots). Heck, part of the reason why I haven't blogged regularly in so long is because of this glorious productivity-killing streaming portal of dreams (kinda like the land of Zamunda). 

What I also love about Netflix is that it gives Indie filmmakers a chance to have their films and documentaries be seen by more eyes through having it available on the streaming service. Sure a lot of them look like unappealing stinkers, but at least the opportunity is there for them to showcase their work to a wider audience than their own parents, classmates and friends.

But the movie Osombie really makes me want to rethink my previous statement. When I saw this on my routine perusal of Netflix's newly added lineup and read the description, the bewilderment that came over me was indescribable.