Monday, February 27, 2012

Ah, Wrestlefest, we meet again.

Here's a tidbit that some would consider miscellaneous but I find it quite noteworthy so I have to make a mention of it. One of the greatest coin-operated games of all time, WWF/WWE Wrestlefest, is now coming to a smartphone near you!

Now one thing that you will find out about me through this blog really quick is that I'm a mega wrestling fan, always have been and always will be, even if the product is absolutely piss-poor at this point in time. I've been a fan of the WWE (then WWF) ever since my Dad sat me down at the age of three on Saturday nights to watch WWF Superstars. It was there that my love for the artform that is professional wrestling became permenantly engrained into my soul. I stayed a loyal fan and defended it at every opportunity, especially against my older sister who absolutely hated wrestling and would never hesistate to rub in my face that it was fake (like that would deter me from watching it). I grew up on the likes of the Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and the Million Dollar Man and WWF Wrestlefest embodies all that was great in Professional Wrestling in those years.

A fond memory of mine that is near and dear to my heart are those times when my younger brothers and I took semi-frequent trips to the FunPlex Arcade to play Wrestlefest. Many a time we emptied out my fathers pockets of his money competing in the Royal Rumble! This tradition would continue up until FunPlex took the game down. It was a tragic day when I arrived to waste my allowance on the Classic and saw that those Funplex douchebags took the game out of commission. After failing to secure a video game ROM of it online, all hope was lost on ever playing it again until the announcement of THQ bringing back the game with improved graphics and an updated roster of past and present WWE stars.

This bit of information was announced a month or so ago and just this past week it was made available for download on iPhone and iPad. Now I haven't been completely sold on the technologic brilliance of Apple. I've always been a PC Guy but I have to admit that the main reason I haven't hopped on the Apple bandwagon is because I never had the privilege of having well off parents to enjoy Apple products and convert. I never had an iPod and I'm not about to break the bank to get any tablets anytime soon, especially when the second I buy an iPad and pull it out of the box, the new iPad comes out. It goes without saying that in the last decade, Apple has made tremendous leaps and bounds when it comes to crafting awesome electronic gadgets made solely for distracting us from our lives. That being said, I was bummed to initially hear that WWE Wrestlefest was only available for purchase on iTunes. Where's the android love?

I don't need to worry my aching heart further because it is also coming out for not only Android phones but on the Playstation Network! WOOT-WOOT! If that is the case, then PhilAsify 101 may very well die in its infant stage. You may never see me post another blog ever again!

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