Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trying Not To Be a Stranger (PhilAsify Update!)

Hey gang, taking a quick break from daddy-ing to update you folks. You guys deserve that at least, right? I'm still alive and well and have been spending my leisure time getting acquainted with little Abdul-Malik via being vomited on, wiping his butt and sticking a bottle in his mouth. 

Though I haven't been able to post anything new on PhilAsify, I still have been active (when the baby allows it). I recently became a contributor on an awesome blog that I have mentioned here before, Islamic Learning Materials. 

I submitted an article entitled "How To Be A Walking Qur'an" and it is a fascinating read if I do say so myself. Be sure to check it out on Islamic Learning Materials and share with your friends!

InshaAllah I will be getting back on posting with regularity on PhilAsify very soon so keep an I out. Well I hear some crying in the background so I better get back to work! Til next time dudes and dudettes!


  1. the joys of being a new parent! Cherish it! it doesn't last long! It's been a month since i posted on your other page (I'm the non-muslim mom of daughter who's been talking to a muslim boy). I figured I'd give you a brief update and again, thank you for your advice it was very helpful. So, a month later and they're still talking, less 'romanticizing' and being more 'realistic' with each other. They've been allowed to go to the mall to hangout with friends and will sit and just talk and talk (they text and call each other all the time so I'm thinking when are these two going to talk themselves OUT?). I did have a chance to talk to him and the way he talks about her is about the same she talks about him. They have this profound respect of each other and they fully understand the true meaning of 'waiting' and why they should. They do not consider themselves 'dating' because of the stigma associated with that, they see it with their peers daily and do not want that for themselves. As goofy and silly as they get, like true friends, they have discussions like old souls as well. They discuss their childhood, their fears, expectations and goals along with the challenges they will face in high school for the next couple of years and both want to be there for each other. So, for now, I can only do what I've been, being supportive and guiding them as best I can while it lasts and admiring this wonderful relationship that has developed.

    1. Good to hear! I admire the mature way they are handling the situation. I only wish that the boys parents were as involved as you are.