Monday, June 11, 2012

Finally, A Video Game Movie that Doesn't Suck?

I've watched my fair share of Video Game movies and like most gamer fans, I find myself horribly disappointed. Many can hearken back to a time of enjoying an epic game for hour after captivating hour sitting in front of the boob tube, immersed in the magnificent cutscenes of games like Metal Gear: Solid Snake and Final Fantasy. And while sitting there with our friends or siblings we would say, "Man, they gotta make this a movie. It'd be sooo **insert dated reference for awesome**". The highlight of a gamers life from days gone by are those times after school bonding with the our favorite action heroes the Mario brothers, Liu Kang and that guy from the Grand Theft Auto games. When we picture a Hollywood film with these amazing characters, we expect nothing less than a classic cinema experience for the ages.

But Alas, when Hollywood actually gets ahold of those button mashing masterpieces, it creates an abortion of a movie. If you don't remember (or have gone in and labotomized your memory of such godawful films) let me refresh your memory:

-Street Fighter

-Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
-The Mario Brothers 
-Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
-Dead or Alive 
-Silent Hill
-The Resident Evil Series

Caught your breath? Let me continue (hehe!).

-Double Dragon
-Max Payne
-Mortal Kombat (eh..that wasnt bad)

Oh Yeah?

-Mortal Kombat: Annhilation!



Whoa whoa, chill! It's not like we were going to watch them right now! You still gotta read my blog!

Now let's move onto Pixar, the product of Disney's semen. This studio has been responsible for such emasculating CGI films as Madagascar, Finding Nemo and other "gems". Now what do you think you would get if you mixed a Video game related movie with Disney animation? I know the answer would typically be a disastrous formula made to induce instant projectile vomiting for anyone over the age of 6.

To one's surprise, it may very well be an entertaining flick for a change! Check out this first-look trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, a movie about a arcade video game villain character named Ralph (voiced by Stepbrothers John C. Reilly) ala Donkey Kong that's sick and tired of being the bad guy. He escapes his game and jumps into a first-person shooter called Hero's Duty (haha a play on Call of Duty). A pretty far out flick that may break the streak of horrible gagworthy video game movies! Watch the trailer below.

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