Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[VIDEO] Worst Prayers Ever in Cinema and Television shows Epic Botches of the Salat.

I got a good kick out of this video above so I thought you guys would too. It's from comedic Muslim video blogger, Hamzah Moin, best known as the Maniac Muslim. I actually had a discussion a while back with my wife over some of the worst inaccurate depictions of Islam and the salat in Hollywood or independent films.  

You'd think that when the production crew is planning this movie out, they'd at least hire a Muslim to play the part, or to an even lesser extent, get a Muslim to serve as a consultant to preserve authenticity when it comes to Islamic rituals and practices like they would with a film protrayal of any other culture. But no, let's caricature it up! 

My message to the Maniac Muslim though, I'd say that the absolutely worst prayer ever depicted in modern cinema would have to be the one performed in the movie Sabah: A Love Story. To anyone who has read my blog, "The Good The Bad and The Ugly of Muslim Themed Movies"  you would be more than aware of the repulsive place in my heart in which Sabah resides. Yes, its not only an abomination, but a total abortion of a film. A complete dissertation can be conducted of all that is wrong with Sabah and just how horrible it is. But I digress.

The scene which takes the cake and places Sabah in the walk of shame in the category of worst prayer ever is early in the film when Sabah's immodest sister is praying salat while the rest of the family is sitting around. It focuses on her, erroneously finishing the prayer by cocking her head left and right, then immediately whipping off her abaya, cleavage and all hanging off of her and swiftly getting up and walking over to join her family in some hookah smoking and belly dancing. UNBELIEVABLE. It's laughable how this movie was intending to depict a conservative Muslim family, and they have this scene. Uncles would faint and then wake up and start riots after seeing even a fraction of what this movie contains. I wish I could show you the clip or make an animated GIF of it so you can see for yourself, but Netflix (where I saw the trash) had the common decency to take the movie down.

Hamzah, if you're able to have the misfortune to find that movie, this would definitely far surpass the Morgan Freeman worst prayer ever by leaps and bounds. Maybe you can make a part two video of some more Muslim botches on the Silver Screen, Inshallah.

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