Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the Holiday Season and I'm Muslim! Oh, great...

So if you couldn't already tell from the soundtracks blaring on the PA system of all the restaurants and stores you walk into, I'm here to tell you, it's the holiday season! 

The season to be jolly, to be exact, and jam to nonsensical Christmas tunes. And for many, 'tis the season to light a match to the last 6 months of your income.

It's funny how people get during this time of year. You have a segment of the population hoarding up all of the most unnecessary things to toss under a tree placed in their house. Then you have the youth who perceive X-Mas as an extension of their birthday and write up a bucket list of wishes materialistic demands. 

The adults are just as giddy to grab their new pocket-sized electronic distractions to flaunt in front of their friends and relatives.

Then there's the dreaded segment that I'm a part of, the office. I've seen all the movies about how Christmas is in the corporate world and now I'm finally living it in the workplace. I have to say, Hollywood captures the holiday season at the office quite accurately. 

Apparently, my job actually gives an incentive in the office for people who decorate their cubicle the best. The result? People are frantically decking out their desks with tinsel and streamers and all sorts of crap (which sadly will probably have to be picked up and disposed of by me when all is said and done).

Then you have the Christmas party, which like any office party (at least is the case at my job) is merely an excuse to consume copious amounts of alcohol, get absolutely plastered and then grab a member of the opposite sex who is also plastered and go fornicate somewhere. I'll sit this one out thank you. Even if I wasn't Muslim, I wouldn't attend. Who wants to be the designated driver for a bunch of shizzfaced twenty-somethings? No thank you, this Mu'min is sitting this one out. Call me scrooge all you want.

The month reminds me of a classic episode of Ask Baba Ali, which I've posted below. My advice to the Muslims out there having to endure Christmasmania at their office, MAKE PLANS. Let people know your beliefs without sounding like a self-righteous jerk, and you'll get off scot-free.

Do you have any experiences clashing with the Christmas season? I'd love to read some comments below so please share.

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  1. All what you have written about Xmas, I see the exact same in the Muslim countries during did. After all people are made the same way, religion only shows the right path and its on the individual who would either be on that path or choose to enjoy the world and leave the after life. Not to be mistaken, I am a proud Muslim who like yourself is away from young immature craziness and prefers to sit with his family, and yes we give out good eidya during did burning our pockets while some "Muslims" choose to party whole did night. I what Allah has said, "Lakum deenakum WA Li'ya seen"