Monday, July 4, 2016

Back From Ramadan Hiatus

Hey everyone, your favorite PhilAsifer is back at it again to give you a quick update in regards to my absence. So I couldn't keep myself to a consistent writing schedule AGAIN, but this time I have a pretty valid number of excuses. 

First off, Ramadan has kinda put a pause on my blogging. With it being a month of spiritual reflection and trying to devote more time to the Qur'an, PhilAsify 101 had to take a backseat. Plus some of the topics I've wanted to touch on are political and worldly issues and I didn't want to get into that stuff during Ramadan.

Secondly, I've been trying to focus more on my freelance career and establishing myself. The best way to do that is to put myself out there and find work and deliver top notch quality writing. That's not an easy task so I had to put my regular blog posts on the shelf that way. 

Lastly, I have had other writing projects and developments that were more pressing. For example, I finished writing an E-book! The first I've ever written and it's one I will let you guys in on in the very near future.

So there you have it. That's why I haven't written anything after promising to post weekly. Please forgive me. If you don't then you can just stick it up your...ah man---

I am fasting, I am fasting

With it being the last day of Ramadan today, expect me to be back at it again next week with a new installment and regular weekly posts of new PhilAsify 101 content thereafter. Stay tuned and stay patient cause I'll be coming at ya next week with a doozy!

Ramadan Reflections 2016

As for my reflections for this years Ramadan, it was a good month spiritual-wise but I feel I did not spend enough time with the Qur'an. I didn't hit my goal of reading the entire translation of the Quran with a juz a day, I didn't do enough tajweed reading, I didn't get to memorize a new surah that I had been doing consistently during Ramadan for years. I didn't participate in any taraweeh prayers (though they are sunnah and can be prayed at home)

It's a lot more different now being the father of two really young kids and trying to really get your Qur'an studying on and doing extra prayer and meditation. My two little ones make it a bit difficult and I noticed that I have to be a bit more strategic and pick my spots when I can read a little or pray longer (when they were asleep mainly).

My children are both a tremendous blessing though and I find solace in the fact that God knows my intentions and he knows that I have responsibilities and rights my family has over me. Running to the masjid and confining myself there because "I GOTTA PRAY AND READ OK?" would be selfish and inconsiderate because I'd be making things difficult on my wife and I'd be neglecting my kids by this sort of self-righteous type of behavior.

So while it feels like this Ramadan is a wash because I didn't do the traditional things like taraweeh prayers, or doing a masjid retreat (ihtikaf), and the whole nine, I don't see it that way. In the past I would've felt guilty or beat up on myself but I'm in a better place now where I won't sweat it too much. It's not about the quantity though its a plus during this time of year. It's always has been about the quality. In Islam, quality always trumps quantity. I do believe I had some good quality prayers, duas and meditation time to really spiritually connect with God on a level I previously hadn't done before.

Often times people use Ramadan to really up their rituals they've been neglecting and then unfortunately drop them as soon as the month is over. But the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH( did say that it's consistency on spiritual activities that God loves the most, no matter how small and minute they are. Consistency is the key and I hope that outside of Ramadan I continue to do those little consistent bits of good and not sweat that I'm not doing these big heavy rituals that most folks who take part in them do really to toot their own horn or do them blindly without really feeling or appreciating the significance behind an action. That's my take away for this year.

I hope everyone had a good Ramadan and I hope also that everyone has a great Eid! 
Catch ya later.

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