Thursday, February 12, 2015

PhilAsify the Love Guru?

What a terrible, terrible movie.
Though I haven't blogged much during my hiatus from PhilAsify 101, I did keep up with the activity the blog had gotten over the 6 months I was inactive.

I was surprised to see that I would have on average 100 page views daily of people clicking on PhilAsify from all over the world. A modest amount sure, but for me it's pretty huge that at least 100 pairs of eyes read my blog or come across it everyday which is humbling to say the least cause I can't even get my close friends to even read a Facebook status I put up much less my blog. For strangers who don't know me to click on an article of mine they found interesting and check it out is really astonishing to me.

Also despite not having new content up during the timespan, I noticed I would get comments for my different blogposts. Most of them would be comments on what I've learned has been my most popular blog post to date: Dating In Islam: Why Muslims shouldn't date and really why you shouldn't either. Which I guess shouldn't be surprising to me because if you go into google or any search enging and type "Dating" and "Islam" together, my article will likely be on the front page of results. I'm sure it's my top viewed article because the muslim youngster go ahead and search the topic using those keywords because they're just curious to have a perspective on the matter.

It's funny because the commenters would vary from hating the article and saying "Screw you! I can date whoever I want!" to loving the article and agreeing with it totally, TO asking me for advice on what to do with a member of the opposite sex like I'm some type of Muslim Dr.Phil love guru! Like I really get tripped out that they are wanting my advice on a girl or guy they like or on getting married or whatever. I just give them the best advice I can from a Muslim prospective but I tell them that I'm not a scholar by any means and am faaaar from it. It has been interesting responding to the comments to say the least.

I do want to stress though: I'm not some Muslim know-it-all. I'm not a scholar. I haven't taken any Islamic studies courses or have a degree in the subject. I'm just your average Muslim joe who loves to write and likes to write about things that are relevant to what's happening today and am given my personal opinion and commentary on the subjects I choose to discuss. I don't have all the answers and I make mistakes. So if you want to know what Islam says about a topic, go to an Imam or a scholar, not me! But if you just want blunt advice from a blogger who's a stranger in your life, then I'll just give you my thoughts, take it or leave it.

I hope that clears everything up.

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