Monday, September 10, 2012

You Just Got Knocked the Fajr out!

It's the start of a new work week, so rather than dive into my usual PhilAsifical soliloquies, I thought we go a little bit light-hearted today. I just had to share this video that I got a kick out of (pun very much intended) from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. 

Though regarded as a brutal sport by critics, MMA rakes in a ton of dough in ticket sales and PPV buyrates, in large due to the hype of fighters verbally jabbing one another before getting down to real fisticuffs. The masses are suckered in plopping down the cash when the fighters hold press conferences which are merely highly publicized smack-talking sessions. Despite this, fighters usually show a great deal of respect and sportsmanship when the final bell is rung. You usually see guys who seemingly hated eachother with such passion and fervor, shaking hands, hugging and sharing laughs mainly because win or lose, they got PAIIIIID son! Dollar dollar bill ya'll!

However, a line never to be crossed in the world of ultimate fighting, maybe because committing such an act is so abominably idiotic, is taunting IN THE MIDDLE of the fight. As this video below shows, you do not taunt during fights unless you wanna get knocked the Fajr out! Talk trash about my skills, put down my family and my training regimen, throw everything and the kitchen sink at me before the fight and in pre-match interviews but if you dare do the "Come at me, bro!" taunt to me during the fight, you're gonna be on the ground faster than a sinner on the Night of Power baby! Shai Lindsey learned this the hard way.

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