Monday, September 10, 2012

PhilAsify 101 Featured on MuslimMatters!

Salams and Hello to my loyal readers which at the moment may only be myself and my wife (and that's usually only when I force her to read my blogs). Now PhilAsify 101 has only been around for only a few months and already it's been a rollercoaster ride in terms of my enthusiasm, creative and consistency in keeping up with the being a new blogger.

I've had my fair share of ups and downs. Some weeks I was on a roll, churning out ideas and tapping away on the keyboard. Other days, laziness kicked in and I was spending more time hanging out on Yahoo's Frontpage than logging in hours on my posts. Ideas were hard to come by. Other times, life got in the way and I couldn't put the world on pause to go sit and put my thoughts into paragraphs. It's even more difficult and deflating when you don't think anyone's reading your stuff, so in turn no one is anticipating anything and thus there is no pressure to please the masses. But I don't want to make excuses.

I'm not writing for the $$Dollar Signs$$ though if some green were to come into play and allow me to leave my day job, that's fine with me. It is crucial that I continue reminding myself that PhilAsify 101 first and foremost is for myself, the "Writer who doesn't write", to break from my self-appointed title and get back in a creative groove. I'm not writing for the glory of recognition or a paycheck, I'm writing so I can be more of a producer and less of a consumer. And apparentl--as I recently have discovered--people enjoy what I have dished out so far when my posts are visible to a wider audience, as was the case when my blog "Top 10 Traits of a Real Man (Muslim Style)" was posted on

I was surprised to say the least when I noticed that my article started trending and was shared and tweeted up to 5,000 times. There was also an array of feedback both positive and negative, which doesn't bother me as opposed to no comments being posted at all. All I could say to myself was "Wow, people are actually reading and reacting to my stuff!" There were even personal messages sent to me telling me how excellent a reminder this was to them and duas being made for me to keep up the good work.

It's safe to say this buzz about something I myself had written and the fact that it helped people and triggered thought and discussion made me excited and gave me an invigorating power boost. I am determined to improve and come out with more material. All praises are due to Allah for this initiative and I hope with His help to continue my blogging journey and help myself and others along the way.

Til next time, this has been your friendly neighborhood PhilAsifer.

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