Sunday, February 3, 2013

Faith In Humanity Restored: Awesome Passerby helps a (Muslim) Brotha out! [VIDEO]

Talk about inspirational and heartwarming! The award for "Random Acts of Kindess 2013" goes to: Dominic Giamo!

One of my favorite and--in my opinion--one of the best hidden camera shows on TV right now "What Would You Do?" aired this segment recently and showed that people can overlook stereotypes and preconceived notions and just be a good human being and neighbor.  You can watch the video below:

For those who aren't familiar with "What Would You Do?" it's a popular program that's part of the ABC News Primetime series. The premise of the show is essentially a social experiment where everyday situations are set up in front of unsuspecting citizens who's reactions are being recorded by hidden cameras. It's kind of like Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd but with less douchbaggery. 

Usually there is an injustice happening or something that you just don't see everyday staged by actors. Ideally, the unsuspecting passerby will step in and say or do something to help or point out said injustice. Not surprisingly, the majority of folk do nothing or ignore the situation. Here are just a few examples from the show:
  • A grocery bagger with noticeable Down syndrome is insulted and raged at by a shopper, who calls him a "retard" because of his condition.
  • A bratty child berates and scolds her Latino nanny in a department store and threatens to have her fired.
  • A comedian goes overboard on stage at a comedy show, picking on innocent people in the audience with rude, unfunny jokes, pointing out their flaws.
  • A perverted older man tries to take advantage of an underaged teenager, trying to convince her to accompany the girl to his house.
  • On a sidewalk, three teenagers beat and taunt a homeless man in front of passersby.
Various instances of bullying or rude behavior to people of different ethnicities. On the show there have scenarios set up involving actors playing Muslims and being treated rudely such as a Muslim woman wearing a hijab at a bakery and not being served because the owner doesn't serve "their kind", "terrorists". It's really interesting to see the reactions and whether people will stand up for others who are being wronged right in front of their eyes. The show is also known for it's notable good samaritans who show random acts of kindness.

In this video above, the segment started with a beautiful blond haired woman who had a flat tire. The scenario was to show how long it would take for her to receive assistance. To no one's surprise, she received a ton of help from male passer-bys. But when they changed the "damsel in distress" to a kufi-wearing Muslim guy, things were very different. That is, until youngster Dominic Giamo came around and showed off his awesome altruism.

I like that he even knew some of the Muslim lingo saying "Alhamdulilah! Let's do this!". Dominic later goes on a rant about how society and the media have an agenda towards Muslims and how it's BS that people blame Muslims on the ills of the world. This clip goes to show you that not everyone are ignorant Fox News watching pricks.

A big takeway of this is that this is actually what Islam is all about. Random acts of kindness. Muslims should thrive on being good samaritans like the man in the video. Like the popular Native Deen song "Small Deeds" ("Small deeds never overlook!") a Muslim should jump at these sort of opportunities because all it means are cool points with your Creator. I make dua that I become more like this guy, minus that tattoo (hehe) Big ups to you, Brother Dominic for helping a brotha out. Allah bless you.

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