Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spittin' The Truth: Rapper Hopsin Blasts Society in "Ill Mind of Hopsin 5"

Ever since my Islamic enlightenment a couple of years back, I've cut mainstream music out completely. I don't know what's "poppin' on the streets" and couldn't tell you one song looping on the Top 40 Hit Stations other than "Call Me Maybe" and that's only because today's media has allowed this song to be absolutely unavoidable. The only other times I'm exposed to hip hop and pop music is at the gym, playing video games or at certain restaurants and gatherings. Whenever I do willingly lend my ear to some tunes, it's very selectively.

Hip Hop is dead for the most part. Gone are the days of a true narrative to a song which enlightens the masses on the often harsh realities of the world we live in. However, there are a handful of artists who still use the genre of hip hop for what it was meant for, preaching the truth and opening minds.

One such guy is a rapper who goes by the name of Hopsin. I never heard of the fella and if you haven't either, I don't blame you. He apparently doesn't get much exposure since he's not your typical boastful rap artist spouting off about how much bling he has. If you google him, he looks like some weirdo with his white contact lenses. Now I may be a little late on this but what stood out to me is his song "The Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" where he surprisingly blasts everybody and their mama for the ills of modern society. And people have taken notice since his video for the song has gone viral.You can check it out below.  DISCLAIMER: Contains Explicit lyrics NSFW.

Hopsin leaves no stone unturned in his 5 minute diatribe and I applaud him for that. His rapid-fire delivery brings to mind an image of Hopsin busting into a room and blasting away the people he mentions with his lyrical AK-47. Here are some notable lyrics:

The Casualties

The Music Industry

Man I Hate Rap, but if the shoe fits, wear it....
I'm embarrassed 
And I'm ashamed I played a part in this devilish game
Making your common sense perish


When I say the word "fun", what do you envision?
Probably drinking and smoking out with your crew 
And chilling with clueless women you trying to bang, bumping New Edition
Is that all you think life really is?
Well if so, then you're a f****** idiot
I honestly feel like grabbing your head and hitting it
Matter of fact, you don't even deserve a brain; GIMME IT!

Deluded Women 

Girls, stop acting like you want a guy with traits like Romeo...
Twice a week you put on your makeup and damn bracelets
And head to the club half-naked with your a** shaking
Pulling a lowlife n**** who claim he cash making...
You want Romeo, then act patient
And stop fronting like he in the club posted in the back waitin'

The Stereotypical Rapper of Today

So all you rappers whose soul is out in the wrong
You inspire the issue I wrote about in this song
You go to pile on the young who roam around in the slums
See this is what happens when rap's overcrowded with bums

Wannabe Thug Men who claim to be "real"

Cause you in the streets acting like a neanderthal
It's clear you can't stand the law, you're lost as an abandoned dog
And all you're interested in is fighting, rapping, and basketball
I can't even f*** with you, cause if we out in public 
You gon' get caught stealing some s*** and get my a** in trouble, too
A real n**** don't brag about being real as long as he knows it 
And his future doesn't seem hopeless 
A real n**** stays out of jail, handles s***, and he keeps focused 

Wow is all I can say. Hopsin's brutally honest lyrics are what's needed for some of these deluded music fiends today. Though I don't bump music much anymore, I give Hopsin my stamp of approval. That boy might as well be Muslim. Keep it up Hopsin, snap those fools out of it.

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