Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ballin' On A Budget: BOB in Action

I found a funny clip from the vault of the interwebs recently that I just needed to share with ya'll in regards to my oft-praised credo, Ballin' on a Budget. For the past couple of parts I've stressed that BOB is a state of mind. And it's something that when implemented, is always on. You don't just throw caution to the wind when it comes to your hard-earned funds. Whether your out hanging with friends, taking your lunch break, thinking about what you want to do this weekend, it is imperative to stick to your guns and be wise with your money. And to make the most of any "fun money" you happen to gather, you have to milk it for all it's worth. You gotta bargain, keep your eyes peeled for deals. Yeah, I know you're not a 43 year old housewife but you make coupons your best friend. You EMBRACE frugality and show no shame. Sure, you're friends and even family may laugh and crack on you. But if they are doing that, then a BOB'er is doing the right thing!

The following clip below is from the Dave Chappelle movie Half Baked that he not only starred in but co-wrote. Chappelle's writing credit in this flick demonstrates my fellow Muslim brother from another mother Dave as being skillfully aware of the BOB concept. Heck, from this scene alone he deemed himself a BOB extraordinaire! In the clip, Dave's character Fillmore is on a date and has very little money, but not a problem. Watch and revel in how Dave cleverly and hilariously makes the best of it with the chump change he has. I'm not condoning stealing money from the homeless or dealing drugs by any means but just from the essence of the scene, it's Dave Chappelle making Ballin' on A Budget look easy. I hope you have a pen and pad handy. (Caution: NSFW due to language)

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