Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NBA Playoffs 2012 Prediction : San Antonio to Reign Supreme Once More

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Now it's no secret that I'm a big basketball fan and I love my Houston Rockets and yearn for the days when Houston was a respected and feared team across the league like the days of my seven-foot brother Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon. Unfortunately, those days aren't going to be repeated anytime soon as the Rockets are a young and rebuilding team after losing Yao Ming to injury retirement.

That being said, the Playoffs haven't been all that appealing to me other than enjoying seeing teams I hate get dismantled like both LA Teams getting eliminated, rival champions the Dallas Mavericks get stomped from the first round and the Miami Heat struggling. I was happy to see the Jazz (who snared a playoff spot from the Rockets and every Houston fans know our bitter history) get swept by the Spurs. And it's looking very much like the Spurs are going to take the titles once again.

Yeah the longtime running gag is that the Spurs are old and boring. But apparently that wins titles. The fact of the matter is they are a team first, not individuals. As much as I hate to say it since they are a Texas rival, they deserve the titles. For a while it seemed that every other year the Spurs would take hold the gold. And the last time there was a lockout, they won the titles too. Gregg Popovich is a genius for holding the core of this team together for so long while every other team seems like a revolving door where no one is ever a franchise staple.

We live in the era of super teams, where GMs and Team Owners do all they can to put superstars together because they believe that makes championships but so far that has never been the case. (see: 10-11 Heat, 03-04 Lakers, 10-11 Knicks, 11-12 Clippers) The super teams never function as that: a team. Where everyone knows their role and don't overstep boundaries. The Spurs do that. And they are just about to show that once again. They took out the young overachieving Jazz, they dismantled the Clippers superteam, and I feel they will show their experience over the Oklahoma City Thunder and then easily destroy any team from the East be it Boston or Miami (definitely the Pacers).

The Playoffs aren't over yet but the Spurs have proven and may prove again that "Boring Wins Championships".

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