Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Screw you Funplex, I'm going to Caine's Arcade!

Now before you guys go and label this is the "Asif is lazy so he's letting a YouTube video do all the work", here me out! PhilAsify101 is not just about me blogging my thoughts on the universe. In this world of consumerism, ignorance and the desire to impress just for the sake of your own ego, there are bits and pieces left that people can still marvel at. Sometimes it's just the phenomenon of God's creations around us, other times man-made. And just sometimes it's those little things that make you go "WOW!". Things that restore your faith in humanity. This post is about the latter. I present to you a video that has captivated the internet world because of the creativity of a child. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out: Caine's Arcade.

Now that's what entrepreneurship is all about! Talk about inspiring. This is creativity and hustling at it's finest. I hope Allah can bless me with a brilliant kid like that. I'll make sure next time I'm in his neck of the woods to have my pockets jingling and jangling for an all day Fun pass! What do you guys say?

Til next time.

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